Did you do something with your hair?

Why yes, we did. We’re launching so new crap, and it’s rolling out in stages. Things might be a little goofy for a few days as we get everything in place. One really cool thing we’ll have will be groups for neighborhood, one not so cool thing is that we (and you) have to set these up one by one by hand. So if you want your neighborhood getting in there sooner rather than later, you can add it yourself by clicking the “groups” tag there in the upper right. We’ll explain more of the new stuff once we know it’s not going to break. Wooo Shiny!

3 thoughts on “Did you do something with your hair?”

  1. Oh, so much better. Everything was so generic. I like being able to read the blog from the home page and not have to click through to each.

    One request though – can we get a date on the post pages? The time is nice, but I don’t like having to look at the URL to figure out what day it was posted.

  2. Yeah, I’m going to move some things around today and tomorrow. I noticed that time/date thing as well and it was buggin’ me as well so will definitely fix ‘er up.

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