ICME: And Still Gays Can’t Marry

On Broadway b/w 2nd & 3rd

Here it is. Your full-service wedding and divorce “chapel.” They’ll even do you’re taxes too! I wonder if you get a discount on your divorce case if you were married there.

*Spotted while on my jury lunch in Downtown.


7 thoughts on “ICME: And Still Gays Can’t Marry”

  1. Why Ugh? I know someone that got married there, it served a purpose. I’m sure once gays can marry they’ll provide them service as well.

  2. I’ll forever kick myself for failing to grab a photo of a true only-in-LA juxtaposition of competing signs across from what’s now the Regal Cinemas at LA Live. There was a building at the time housing a quicky divorce firm advertising its services for $35. Right next to it was a public parking lot whose sign read $20.

    Only in LA could you find a place where it only cost $15 more to dissolve a marriage than to park.

  3. @Tim- HOLY CRAP! I HATE when people do that! In my defense I just worked a rough 12 hours in the ER, but really…..NO EXCUSE. Thank you. Fixed.

  4. That’s right on the stretch of Broadway near the Bradbury Bldg. & Grand Central Market that I posted about on my recent mini-tour of Downtown. It was remiss of me not to mention this place. It’s definitely worth a stop-and-gaze-in-wonder. BTW, when I was there, I thought the signs were all in Spanish. Both Spanish & English?

  5. @El Chavo- I agree it serves a purpose and I understand that’s the goal of businesses is to serve the needs of the community. I just feel that it shouldn’t be made so easy to dissolve something that is said to be “sacred.” Especially when that is the argument used to prevent some very wonderful people from marrying the ones they love.
    And though I know it will happen, I’d prefer if these didn’t pop up when gay marriage is amended.
    @Will- Funny and sad all in one.

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