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While this doesn’t directly relate to Los Angeles, I don’t really care. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last 24 hours, you know some serious shit went down in Japan. Stuff that could easily happen here in Los Angeles. YOU can help. Donate to the Red Cross. There’s a direct link HERE. You’re welcome to click on the Japan tab, but remember there’s bad things happening elsewhere. Why not make a general donation? The money will go where it’s needed most.

C’mon. Skip the Starbucks once and spend that money to help those in need. Who knows? It could be you seeking out the Red Cross after a huge quake here. Wouldn’t you want them to have enough supplies for you?

5 thoughts on “Help the Red Cross”

  1. Acutally you are timely as there are many places being set up where you can donate goods or money here in LA to help out our many sister cities in Japan.

    In Pasadena the local American Red Cross will collect monetary donations Monday, March 14, from 5 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Lot B at the Rose Bowl Stadium to assist with relief efforts for the Japan earthquakes and Pacific tsunami. More about response to these incidents can be found at

  2. Can we please find a legitimate charity? Seems like every disaster we rush to send money to the ARC and after every disaster we read about how the ARC used the money for everything EXCEPT the thing we gave them the money for. I’d rather find an agency that hasn’t abused my trust to it’s breaking point.

  3. Charity Navigator is a place to start,

    They give the ARC 3 stars…nice to see that their leadership each makes half a million a year. How many ten dollar texts does it take to cover THAT expense?

    They give the ARC an A- and then the articles they link to show the games they play with the money.

    You are, of course, always welcome to give to whomever you’d like…After volunteering with the ARC and watching their consistant behaviour with our donations, I’ll be finding someplace else.

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