Where would you build an NFL statium?

So last week Farmers Insurance based in Simi Valley bought the naming rights to an NFL stadium to be built in downtown LA.  Pretty cool, right?  Well the folks out in the City of Industry haven’t given up on an NFL stadium out there and can one up the Downtown LA Folks, their preliminary draft Environmental Report has gotten approval.  The Pasadena Star News is running a poll and as of Sunday afternoon voting is 2 to1 in favor of City of Industry.

Of course its all contingent on getting a NFL team to plunk in a stadium and for that there are no commitments. Personally I think it would be pretty cool to be Downtown if only because it would be mass transit accessible for more folks as opposed to the transit starved C of I.

Where would you put a stadium?  Sound off in the comments and vote over at the Pasadena Star News HERE.

11 thoughts on “Where would you build an NFL statium?”

  1. I still think Anaheim would be best. There’s so much space by Angel Stadium, super easy freeway accessible, Metrolink station and few problems with traffic once you’re off the freeway.

  2. I never understood what was wrong with the Hollywood Park site, especially after the Lakers and Kings left the Forum. It’s a dying venue and could easily incorporate the proposed Crenshaw light rail line into its plan…wouldn’t require much alteration of the planned route at all. Tear down the Forum and you have a ton of land for parking and other development.

  3. Steve Lopez had a great column in the Times Sunday about how all that pretty coolness greeting the downtown AEG Stadium proposal is being replaced by WTFness as details about bond proposals and such emerge.

    Anaheim is an ideal location as Dave points out, but as one who had my heart broken when the Rams skedaddled there in 1979-80 I would be hard pressed to support a team with Los Angeles in its name that doesn’t even play in its own county.

  4. Especially where the Roski camp is involved, don’t trust online polling. At blogdowntown, I noticed a large contingent of people, trying to pose as multiple writers, were coming in and and claiming to be local residents opposed to a stadium there but, oddly, supportive of the City of Industry plan.
    Then there’s the lame, negative campaign style videos launched to attack the Downtown stadium.
    Its as if someone with Roski’s team hired their kids to run the social media campaign, and, among their juvenile tactics, they’ve decided to spam online polling on the issue.

  5. Doh – to clarify, there were just maybe two or three people trying to pose as multiple writers.

  6. The PSN poll lets you vote only once and its still pretty close to 2:1 in favor of Ciy of industry. Why? Beats me as here in the SGV we are equidistant to both locations and Downtown is easier to get to on Mass Transit. Go figure the logic behind the votes.

  7. What a waste of resources if it’s in the City of Industry. There it will host football games what 9-11 times then sit empty for the rest of the year? Metrolink is that all the rail there is? As for the ideal location,downtown would be best. There’s already several rail lines there with plenty of parking. Restaurants,bars, surrounding the stadium and the stadium would be designed to have events ALL YEAR long >soccer,large conventions(retractable roof) .

  8. i think this poll is probably a bit sckewed as well. How many people who live west of Pasadena read the Pasadena newspaper?

    I live downtown and as much as I know the traffic will increase it will help downtown grow and thrive.

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