Adventures in donutting: Beach City Baked Donuts in Redondo Beach

Beach City Baked Donuts had been on my donut radar for a while (yes, a donut radar, I have one!), and were tragically not represented at last year’s Donut Summit (may it forever live in infamy), so finally this weekend we trekked over to Redondo Beach to give them a try.

The donuts, as the name of the shop suggests, they are baked!  Not fried.  And the resulting donuts are tiny and cute, but not too tiny – size-wise, think in terms of a happy medium between your regular old fashioned glazed and those powdered sugar ones from the grocery store.  As with so many other little cute things, they are a Japanese innovation, and they come in very exciting flavors!  We tried four:  apricot, cinnamon sugar (which, we were told, is their best-seller), green tea, and the whimsically named bananaman, which was banana and chocolate chip.  They were all tasty, although apricot might have been my favorite.  Their texture was like a cake donut, but drier, and because of that dryness, the nice folk at Beach City recommended that we either eat them with coffee or warmed up, so we did both, and, let me tell you, warming them up made them verrrry tasty indeed.  The donuts are bit pricier than average – $1.50 for one, or $15 for a dozen, and since they’re a bit smaller, too, they aren’t exactly a deal, but they make for an interesting alternative to your everyday donut.  Beach City also touts the relative health benefits of baked donuts over conventional fried donuts, but honestly, I feel like anyone telling me that donuts are good for me is missing the point of donuts, which is that they are delicious and made out of sugar.  Also, Beach City serves this thing that they call an Affogato that is a donut with ice cream in the middle and espresso on top, which probably negate the health benefits, but DAMN IT LOOKS DELICIOUS.  All that aside, I really liked this slightly avant-garde variation on the Southern California donut shop, and, should we dare ever host Donut Summit 2:  Electric Boogaloo, I’m pretty sure they’ll give all those other boring old donuts a run for their money.

Beach City Baked Donuts is located at 501 N Pacific Coast Hwy., Redondo Beach.

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