No More Free Parking at Los Feliz Post Office

At a recent author meet-up, we discussed some of our favorite “secret” parking spots, etc. around L.A. Everyone knows that parking in Los Feliz can be tricky, especially on a weekend night. A favorite not-so-secret place to park has always been the post office lot on Vermont, just south of Franklin.

Well, I should say was. I’m not sure when the change¬†occurred, but when I stopped at the post office on my way to work this morning to drop off some mail, I spotted a sign for $2.00/hour and a pre-pay parking box.

Say it isn’t so! I was already running a little behind, so I just snapped the one photo with my cell phone, but the signs on the side of the building indicate that you must pay anytime outside of post office hours. Bummer.

5 thoughts on “No More Free Parking at Los Feliz Post Office”

  1. Yup, that them there’s federal territory, Tammara. I’m a-guessin’ unless there was a deal done struck with the postmaster, the city can but to covet such an unfortunate revenue generation scheme from the outside lookin’ in… like a vampire uninvited.

    * The above faux cowpoke talk brought to you by my lingering joy after seeing the fantastic “True Grit,” compounded by too much playing of “Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.”

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