2010 Naughty List: LA Board of Supervisors and LA City Council

Our City Council and Board of Supervisors have definitely been naughty.

It seems to me that when the majority of people in a city and a state vote to support something, even create a new law to facilitate it, that should be reflected in the way politicians vote. The majority of voters should be respected. Even when a politician doesn’t personally agree… if the majority of their constituents vote for something, they should support that.

But that apparently isn’t the way our City Council or Board of Supervisors feel when it comes to lots of issues, most specifically lately, making easy to use guidelines for medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in Los Angeles.
Their point of view seems to be “*#*#!! the people! (Even the voters who chose them to run the city) We know what’s best for our city, we don’t have listen to our constituents!”
Two weeks ago, the LA Board of Supervisors voted to make ALL Medical Marijuana Dispensaries illegal in the unincorporated areas of LA (out of the city, but in the county). And earlier this year, the LA City Council created laws for dispensaries to operate that are so onerous and so difficult to abide by, that virtually all dispensaries would have to close.

Now I’m sure that was their intention, but really…. Why fight progress? Why not make easy to understand, supportive laws that create a great tax base for this city, create jobs and follow the lead of the people?

The people of this city clearly want safe, easy to use facilities that give them access to their medicinal marijuana. They don’t want to have to go out to the street to buy their medicine. They don’t want to engage in black market dealing.

But these laws are designed to make it hard for ANYONE, even the most scrupulous, by-the-books non-profit, to keep their doors open. I like to think of Los Angeles as a progressive city… but it seems we are going backwards.

So even though in 1996, 56% of the people of this state voted to make medical marijuana legal, our City Council and Board of Supervisors are making it virtually impossible for people to have safe access. Shame on all of you!

4 thoughts on “2010 Naughty List: LA Board of Supervisors and LA City Council”

  1. The author of this article is very naive. What happened in westhollywood is happening in LA

    The larger dispensaries banded together and lined the city councils pockets to make sure that they would no longer face free market competition

  2. Yes, I may be naive… but I do believe that when the majority of people agree that they want society and laws a certain way, and vote on it, that politicians must serve that purpose. We voted. They aren’t listening. We are a democracy and we will vote again. The elected officials who continue to resist what the majority want won’t stay in office. It’s that simple. Short term, yes, people can be paid off. Long term, they won’t last. Things DO change when people make themselves heard.

  3. So, presumably, you feel that the governor and atty general should be defending Prop 8, which was passed by a majority of the people?

    They are refusing to defend it..

  4. Proposition 8 is more of an ethical/moral issue and is wrong. So I don’t think it should be supported and / or defended. But I do see your point. Thanks.

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