The View From There: Griffith Park Helipad-orama

Made good on manning-up against the chill and went out for a pre-nom bike ride yesterday, and shortly after meeting up with Midnight Ridazz’ Roadblock who was riding to the valley we bumped into friends Mr Rollers and his wife Alice who by total happy accident were doing the same exact route I was planning. So off we went.

The star of the show on such a gorgeous day was the view from the Griffith Park Helipad that I attempted to document in the following two-frame panorama bracketed by the Griffith Observatory on the right and downtown on the left (immediate magnification available upon image click):

And of course, for your seizure-inducing pleasure my handlebar cam timelapsed all of the roughly three-hour tour whose 20-miles included the LA River Bikeway to Griffith Park, Mt Hollywood Drive to the top and then Vista del Valle back down to the helipad and on to Silver Lake where we all started:


Or if you just want a shorter version of the tour, I loaded up this Flickr photoset with stills from the stop-motion vid.

Hope your Thanksgiving was as happy and yummy as mine was. On the college football tip on this the day after I’m off to the TV with fingers crossed hoping my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide can somehow un-jugger the naut that is its most-hated rival Auburn. Roll Tide!

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