Green Flash Lights up the Sky

Whoa! Super crazy visual just now in the sky. I was just walking the dog 15 minutes ago (about 12:10 am) and I glanced up at the sky to see a HUGE green ball of fire drop straight down from the sky over LA. I’m up in the hills, so I got a great view. I suppose it was a meteorite, very bright, with a long tail, lasted about three seconds. It dropped straight down, rather than across the sky. And it was definitely green!

The weird thing is that about six months ago, I was driving down from San Francisco and was on the 5 in the middle of the state, seriously in the middle of nowhere, and saw something really similar. It was so big and bright that I was sure it had to be a big news event, but try as I might to find out what it was the next day, I didn’t read a single thing about it. Then a couple of weeks later a friend who lives out in the country outside of Santa Barbara told me he had seen the very same image that night at the same time. Both of these were almost too big to be a simple falling star or even any meteor I’ve ever seen!
Did anyone else see this amazing green flash light up the sky last night?

4 thoughts on “Green Flash Lights up the Sky”

  1. You know, I thought it was a meteorite too…. but it was Sooooooo big! Then I looked up green meteorites and discovered they have been sighted all over New Mexico and that the govt set up a special task force called “Project Twinkle” to investigate them because they thought they were not meteorites, but UFO’s. Anyway. It was big. And unusual.

  2. Sorry I missed that! Saw one cross Hazeltine E/B at Sherman Way one night, at tree level. Glad I wasn’t alone, or I’d always question whether I was hallucinating. Sure would like to know what those things are!

  3. Fantastic. I’ve been on a big noodle craze lately, I have no idea why – I just got a crazy craving for noodles!! I’ve already tried nearly half of all the noodle recipes here and looking for more still! Crazy huh. I should probably stop soon, I dont think eating noodles every day isnt so healthy for me…

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