Free Tix! OK Go! This Weekend!

OK Go's suits from their "This Too Shall Pass" Rube-Goldberg Machine video. Photo by Jodi.

Three Pairs of Tickets! OK Go at Club Nokia on Saturday, November 27th!

You probably know OK Go for their sensational music videos. The band is seriously much more than just their videos and they put on a really energetic, fun live show. I just went to their concert at UCSB this past weekend and it was a blast!

An OK Go show is never just four guys on stage playing their songs. There’s confetti, LOTS of confetti, 3-D glasses, and several more fun surprises. Not to mention the solid musical performance they give. So much fun!

YOU MUST ACT NOW! The first three (3) people to comment will win a pair of tickets. OK Go will be performing at Club Nokia on Saturday, November 27th with A Fine Frenzy and Summer Darling. This is a show not to be missed, so comment now!

And just because it’s super fun, check out  OK Go’s video for their song “White Knuckles.”


Special thanks to Goldenvoice for making this ticket giveaway possible.

8 thoughts on “Free Tix! OK Go! This Weekend!”

  1. Gregg, John, Francis:

    YOU WIN!

    This was supposed to be my giveaway but I dropped the ball, so (Awesome Goddess) Jodi posted it.

    Need your name and email, PRONTO, so I can get your info to Goldenvoice.

    Send to ruth666 > com – Right Now!

  2. What the hell is that last comment on about. Is it spam? Crazy.

    OK Go was great, but seriously people need to STFU during the acts. Surrounded by talkers. I went to the show to see the show, not listen to your inane conversation about what Cindy did at work earlier in the day. :/

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