Black Bra Friday at Jenette Bras

To all my busty sisters out there! Jenette Bras is having a HUGE sale this coming Friday. She’s calling it “Black Bra Friday” and you must go.

From 10am to 6pm everything black in the store is on sale – bras, panties, camis, slips, corsets, you name it. Discounts range from 20 to 40% off. If you have been waiting to buy some gorgeous support for your gorgeous rack, head on over to Jenette’s. ¬†While others will be muscling through crowds to get the latest electronics, you will be shaping up nicely in a beautiful new bra, aided by the expert care of Jenette and her crew.

Gents! Don’t think you aren’t invited. If you have a lovely busty gal in your life, gift certificates are 20% this Friday as well.

Black Bra Friday
Jenette Bras
Friday, November 26
10am – 6pm

“Where the Alphabet Starts at D!”

3 thoughts on “Black Bra Friday at Jenette Bras”

  1. Whoo! I went to the sale last year, and am hoping to make it there again this year. How else will I say that Vasquez touched my boobs…again?

  2. Hoo Baby, this is the sale of sales!

    And Jenette is the store of stores for those of us with awesome racks.

    Jenette’s what _I’m_ thankful for!

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