Reminder: Tell Us Who’s on Your Naughty & Nice Lists!

Just a friendly reminder/nag that we’re still taking your suggestions on which Angeleno should be B.LA-listed on our first annual Naughty and Nice List.  We’ve had a couple great ideas so far: Meg Whitman for the Naughty list for spending a gazillion dollars on her campaign (after spending more than $100 million on her run for governor, it really was besides the point whether she won or lost); I’ll add Lakers fans to that same list for being asshats during the post-championship victory celebration-turned-riot.  For the Nice list, a few wonderful non-profits (i.e., the Foothill Unity Center and Help a Mother Out) have been nominated.  And  Mayor V has the dubious distinction of being nominated for both the Naughty and Nice lists.  Way to be tops in every category, Mayor.

Who or what else you got, LA?

Photo courtesy dugm2 via the Blogging LA Flickr pool.

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