I Found Jesus Christ On Yesterday’s Great LA Walk

There were many amazing spectacles to behold while walking the entire length of Wilshire Boulevard from downtown to Ocean Avenue yesterday as part of the 5th Great LA Walk, but none moreso than the King of Kings riding shotgun in a slick Benz through Beverly Hills (click to biblically proportionify):

My wife Susan thinks it’s Black Crowes’ singer Chris Robinson, and indeed there is something of a resemblance, but it’s Jesus dammit.

Bonus salvation points for the peace sign he flashed me as I went all ‘razzo on the sonofagod.

My entire photoset is viewable here on Flickr, and the combined Great LA Walk 2010 group set can be seen here.

11 thoughts on “I Found Jesus Christ On Yesterday’s Great LA Walk”

  1. You are a brave man! My entire posse chickened out at first sight of rain and we spent the day inside with tea, instead of walking, which I immediately regretted when the sun came out over WeHo around 1ish.

    I see LA Jesus on the Fairfax bus all the time! I’m curious to know how he landed himself the choice new wheels.

    1. Alexandra, Sorry you and your crew let the threat of precipitation keep you from such a fun (and tiring) stroll. But bravery isn’t standing up to a little rain, it’s walking on Wilshire past the on- and off-ramps to the 405.

      As to how Jesus’ scored such a sweet sled, I’m betting it’s his agent’s. This is LA, after all.

  2. I once saw Jesus driving down the 110 in a light blue Honda Civic. True story. I guess he’s moving up in the world.

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