Drive Down To Long Beach For The AKC National Championship

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On December 4 & 5, the American Kennel Club will be holding it’s annual AKC/Eukanuba National Championship here in Long Beach.  This will be the 6th show in Long Beach in the 10 years the show has been running.  The AKC National Championship is a very well respected show in the canine community.  My wife worked for Dog Fancy for several years, so I learned a lot about the show and how well respected it is.

I admit it.  I’m not too much of a dog person.  I love petting dogs when they are trained well (don’t bark/jump on me) but I only enjoy them in small doses.  I’m sure it stems from me never owning a dog growing up or something.  But I do understand the draw behind these shows.

Ticket information can be found here.  It looks to be $20 to attend, however you need separate tickets for the day and evening shows on Saturday.  It doesn’t say if you can bring your dog or not, but my guess would be no.

Remember, after the show there is plenty to do right there at The Pike and Shoreline Village.  Also Pine Ave has a lot of fun places.  I’ll go into more details on those areas later though.

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