LA Auto Show opens Friday 19th, win tickets too!

The 2010 LA Auto Show opens on Friday November 19th. The show has now grown to being one of the most important shows on the planet and second to only detroit (lower case on purpose) in the US. At least 26 press conferences featuring 20 world and more than 30 North American vehicle debuts. The official arrival of the electric car era with production vehicles on sale to the public. Fiat returns to the U.S. and the LA Auto Show after almost a 27-year hiatus, Lambo after a one year break.

Green Car Journal has announced its five finalists for the 2011 Green Car of the Year, including the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, 2011 Ford Fiesta, 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and the 2011 Nissan LEAF. For the sixth consecutive year, this increasingly important award will be announced during a press conference at the LA Auto Show Press Days on Nov.18.

I have 4 tickets to give away, tell me why you would want one. Make sure you include a legit email address so I can contact you for your info to get you your ticket. To make this interesting, what are you most interested in seeing? The concept cars, green cars or about to be released production autos? Any particular manufacturer you think that should be included that isn’t?

If you don’t win tickets this time around have no fear, I’ll be running a few more contests for tickets before this is all over. Look for details and stuff from my visit during press days that will also include a chance to win tickets as well.

DEETS: November 19-28. Admission and hours HERE. Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015. Directions HERE or Map HERE.

13 thoughts on “LA Auto Show opens Friday 19th, win tickets too!”

  1. Any chance to see sizzling hot cars, new designs and just be around people with a passion for automobiles is a good enough reason for me. I think the only thing that could possibly make the experience any better would be to attend for FREE! :)

    As for what I wanna see is basically anything Nissan has up its sleeves, particularly the debut of the Murano CrossCabriolet.

  2. Plain and simple — I hear the LA auto show is at a whole different caliber than the SD auto show. I would like the opportunity to confirm and check it out for myself!

    I would like to see Honda’s new electric vehicle concept with a plug-in hybrid platform!

  3. I’m just a chick with a thing for cars! I don’t know when it all started, but somehow I became a bigger car lover than any of my guy friends – and I’m proud of it! A day at the mall, or a day at the car show? CAR SHOW PLEASE!! :o) I’ve tried going to the LA Auto Show as often as I can, but being a youngn’ with not too much cash flow and the need to pay those pesky utility bills that (usually!) have to come first, I haven’t gone every single year. I’ve managed to go the past 2 years, though, and can’t imagine missing it this year. I’ve always gone with guy friends (none of my girl friends want to go with me.. go figure, huh?), and would like to take my teenage cousin this year to show him that sports cars aren’t the only “cool” cars in the world (he’s a Mustang fanatic). To be honest, my likes are on opposite spectrums. I really think “green” cars can be awesome, even more awesome if taken to the next level. Ya, the Prius is cool, but.. what else? What’s new? What’s better? On the other hand, I LOVE big, metally, shiny GUY cars! Otherwise known as your SUVs and such.. Escalades, Navigators, Yukons, Suburbans, etc., all blackened up with limo tints and running on chrome wheels. Hehe. But alas, those are cars I only admire, not something I’d actually consider buying because I wouldn’t want to leave a footprint on Mother Nature the size of bigfoot. Unlessss they come up with an Escalade Super Duper Hybrid that gets like 60 mpg! I’d be allll over that one! :o)

  4. I LOVE CARS. It’s where I pour all of my frustrations and excitement of my life into. I own a G35 and there is not a day where I don’t just sit there and marvel at what an awesome piece of machinery I am lucky to drive. I want to go to the LA Auto show to get some ideas and plan my next move. Automobiles are a lifestyle and I want to explore it! I want to see EVERYTHING!

  5. I’m dying to see the Chrysler-Fiat Group’s new American offerings, hopefully some Alfa Romeos or Lancias, but I know at the very least there will be some FIat 500s on display (which are being test marketed right here in Los Angeles!) which I think will bring some desperately needed stylishness to the compact car market.

  6. I moved back to LA after being out of state for 15 years. As a teen living in the area, I grew up going to auto shows.

    I now have four children, and they’ve never been to any shows. In rural Arizona where we used to live, my kids would get exited if we saw a Porsche or a Jag; even Mercedes and BMWs were unusual.

    They quite enjoy living in LA where they regularly see nice cars, and even the occasional exotic. They know the names of everything (thank you Need for Speed) but I know they’d love to see these machines up close.

    Please send us to the show and help me raise up a generation who appreciate a fine automobile!

  7. My Name is Colette Vartanian.
    My Dad Passed Away 2 Months ago. & he would take me every year to the car show. He had a huge passion for cars and he passed it on to me when he started taking me to them.

    This is the first year i want to go without him, i would really love to win these tickets so that i can go see all the new cars (:

  8. Me and my girlfriend just recently moved to the area and have not had the opportunity to visit what we have heard is an exciting opportunity to view the new and upcoming vehicles. We are intrigued by the electric cars and the new hybrids. We are in the market to getting a new vehicle and being able to visit the Auto Show we would be able to see everything we want in one visit. The opportunity would be greatly appreciated.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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