Free Shuttle Between NoHo Station and Burbank Airport

Getting in and out of Burbank Airport is a breeze – infinitely better than Hell’s neighborhood airport, LAX – but if you’ve found yourself without a ride to hitch there, you have rather limited, expensive options.  Except now: awesomely, the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority is piloting a free shuttle program between the North Hollywood Red Line Metro Station and the airport.   Yes, free.  Per the Los Angeles Times, there are signs outside the NoHo station directing you to the stop.  If you’re the type of person who plans things in advance and knows exactly the minute you’ll be waiting at the stop because you looked up the train schedule and figured the exact time you’ll pull into the station, and added the few minutes it will take you to de-train and find the stop (this is me – I can over-plan things), call SuperShuttle at (800) 224-7767 to arrange a pick-up.  Those less prepared can call (818) 558-3179 for immediate service.  From the airport back to the station back to your dog waiting impatiently for you to return, catch the SuperShuttle at its stop outside the baggage area.

The service goes from now until the end of January, at which point the Authority will determine whether there was enough demand to justify the service.  Hopefully, The Powers That Be (this includes us, the general transit riding population) (we do generally ride the transit right?) will maintain the program – it’s always nice not to have to bum a ride to the airport.

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  1. The City of Burbank also has service between NoHo station and BUR, only it’s not free (I think it’s around $1; cheaper than Metro!) and it drops you off just outside the airport. I used it this past July and found it very convenient.

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