Hide Your Silly String Tonight!

There is ONE thing me and the Teabaggers agree on…. there’s to many silly damn laws!  And here’s one that gets me every Halloween when the signs go up in Hollywood: No Silly String allowed in Hollywood on All Hallow’s Eve!  If you want to get crazy with the string… better do it elsewhere, or you might end up in the slammer!

C’mon, how’s a witch gonna make mischief without here can o’ string? I know, I know, it’s a bitch to clean up, but so are the streets after Mardi Gras. People gotta let loose!

Have a wild night everyone!

5 thoughts on “Hide Your Silly String Tonight!”

  1. lol you said tea bagger in a sentence without the preface “damn” and with a straight face.

    Seriously, this law has been a sore spot with me for years. Would they prefer single ply TP? That’s even harder to clean up. No pun intended.

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