Election Day Flashback

With many people focusing on the election that is less than a week away, I was amused to spot this remnant from the 2008 election, which reads “CHENEY/SATAN ’08.”  That’s funny, I didn’t think either one ran that year.

Whether you’re planning to write-in a vote for Satan, or proudly (or not so proudly) vote for another candidate on the ballot, I hope you vote this Election Day.  I did it already by mail, and it felt pretty damn good.

One thought on “Election Day Flashback”

  1. I’m so sick of the knock down dirty ads and just would like for once see a nice clean fight on what they propose to do on the issues. The props frustrate the hell out of me, some are written fine, others are so poorly written, or are so blatantly special interest I can’t even begin to read without gagging. Glad you voted, I’m waiting for election day to cast my ballot and hope that some guiding light of inspiration instead of frustration will appear.

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