Win Stone Temple Pilot Tickets

Stone Temple Pilots are BACK!  And they look hotter and sound better than ever!

Yeah, they’ve all been in other bands,  made lots of crazy career choices… but they’re running hot again and are touring with a mix of new music and serious hits.

If you’re a fan, and want to see them this Friday night, October 29th at the Nokia Theater, you’re in luck.  We’re giving away one pair of tickets to the best comment that captures the band’s style… and what they mean to you. Tell us why you love these guys and your ticket is on us!  Don’t hold back. Most captivating story wins.

And if you don’t win… but still want to catch a great show, you can grab tickets here.

10 thoughts on “Win Stone Temple Pilot Tickets”

  1. Stone Temple Pilots, they’re eligible bachelors,
    They’re foxy to me, are they foxy to you?
    I will agree they deserve absolutely nothing,
    Nothing more than me.

    (not actually entering the contest).

  2. Shirley Temples Pussy (origianally what STP stood for) is Emotional Grunge Pop, a solid band with a volatile and charismatic lyrical genius front man. Although I want to hate them, I love them…Sexy Heavy Pop rock…not to many bands can deliver that. Their music always has a stickyness too it.



  3. AH STP where do i begin? This band make we want to shove plush toys up inside my anus. Need I say more? I mean thats love is it not? Would you shove a plush toy up your ass for just any old person? I don’t think so. But if your messiah said for some strange reason the only way to worship him was to shove a plush toy up your ass you would most certainly ask “how many messiah?”


    M Dub

  4. STP got me through those awful HS years when everything went wrong and I was always the weird one. I’d listen to them on the bus when I was trying to stare a hole through the seat in front of me or just become invisible. I listened to them when I was doing the awkward confess my feelings in my LiveJournal thing. They taught me that it was okay to be angry and passionate and a little risky. If I wasn’t listening to STP, it was because I was sleeping. Scott became my version of the ideal (man, I was a dumb kid). And then, before I could see them live, they broke up. I saw Velvet Revolver a couple of times, but it wasn’t STP and it didn’t have the emotional resonance. STP was my first love, and they broke my heart. Seeing them live would heal some old wounds haha.

  5. Been a fan forever. First album was very good but didn’t prepare for the huge range the subsequent albums displayed. I was continually blown away by the creativity displayed in the lyrics and music. I have never got to see them before and would appreciate tickets very much.

  6. They stay true to their rock n’ roll roots keeping their music timeless. Scott writes powerful and emotional lyrics, while Robert, Eric & Dean compose music that illuminates each and every word, the union of the two make for emotion and adrinaline envoking songs. Their live performances exceed that of their studio recording. I’ve loved this band for years and seeing them live has always been an exilarating experince from the first time I saw them to the last. Stone Temple Pilot isn’t about the money or fame, they are in it for the music and the fans who love them.

  7. I was THAT kid in the 4th grade that would watch The Crow and listened to Purple on my walkman. I’ve seen STP numerous times and would have paid for my ticket to go watch my guys, only thing is that I’ve been out of a job for several months and I can’t afford to cough up the dough. Please make this poor girls Halloween dream come true.

  8. I want to win because I’ve been feeling uninspired, like I am trampled under sole of
    another man’ shoes. They make me feel like a child, high as the sun. I need to see STP because they give ya something that you won’t forget..they keep ya comin’…comin’ back for more! Don’t have a nickel or a dollar…I’m just a Hollywood bitch lookin’ in with a firecracker smile…who really wants to go to the show on Friday! :)

  9. STP is one of my all-time favorite bands and they have remained to be consistent in their music & my life. They optimize what a nitty gritty rock-n-roll band should be all about. With thought provoking/analytical lyrics, sexy lead singer, solid humble band and music that satisfy all senses. The chemistry between Scott, Robert, Eric and Dean is true so when you go on a STP ride, you believe it and its real – NO BS! STP is a vessel to bring amazing music to people and make you feel like you are not alone along with some heart racing & goose bumps from head to toe. Personally STP has been the soundtrack of my life with just different character names. STP is timeless and they have never musically done me wrong. Xoxo. \nn/

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