“Distracted Driving” campaign by LA Area Law Enforcement today.

Its official.  Read it on the Arcadia Police Officers Association blog HERE. Law enforcement around LA is going to be enforcing “distracted driving” IE using your cell phone for calls or texting today in an effort to clamp down on the accidents caused by this dangerous habit of some.

One interesting note came from the blog:

Remember that holding your phone and using the speaker during a call while driving is still a violation.  Using a speaker equipped phone is not the same as using a blue-tooth device.  Please put the phone down and leave the texting and calling for when you have arrived safely at your destination.

I see that one all the time and figured it didn’t count as “hands free” and I was right.  If you do it you may want to stop as it won’t get you out of a ticket.

3 thoughts on ““Distracted Driving” campaign by LA Area Law Enforcement today.”

  1. Good. I wish more people understood that that stupid ‘hold-it-near-my-chin-and-I’m-okay-thing’ is still dangerous (AND illegal). Morons.

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