Saturday Morning Snapshot: La Ofrenda Restored

Years of tagging had completely obliterated the bottom half of this marvelous mural beneath the Beverly Boulevard Bridge over 2nd Street and Glendale Boulevard, until a couple months ago when a project restored “La Ofrenda” by artist Yreina Cervantes to its original 1989 glory. My first pass to snap it last month found it had already been bombed, but while biking home yesterday I turned fully expecting to see additional desecration, but instead was surprised to see it fully tag-free again. So of course I stopped and made this two-frame panorama (click for maximum panoramification).


This mural features Delores Huerta, a founder of the UFW, and is an homage to the strength of Latino women. It brings attention to the hardships of war and immigration, while highlighting the life and hope that endures through these struggles. The mural features a poem by Gloria Alvarez, and the bottom section, painted entirely with spray cans, was designed and executed by her youth apprentices recruited from the Belmont Tunnel, an active graffiti yard across the street.

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