LA Archives Bazaar at USC, Saturday!

Here’s a one for us nerdy history buffs who like to spend time in libraries: tomorrow, USC’s LA as Subject research group is hosting the fifth annual Archives Bazaar, which brings the area’s local archives together in to one place. Over 70 archives will be there, including local organizations like the Culver City Historical Society, the Boyle Heights Historical Society, and the Glendale Public Library; as well as bigger institutions like the Getty Archives, the Academy Film Archive, and archives from USC, UCLA, and the Cal State Universities. They’re offering how-to sessions on researching LA’s history, and panel discussions on topics like Southern California newspapers, the legacy of Tom Bradley, and blogging in LA. And I’m pretty excited for the session on local contributions to space flight!

I’m excited for this event because I think it brings a lot of exciting work that’s been going on in archives back to the community. And I think it’s a great reminder that archives and libraries are far from stodgy and boring – they play a really important part in telling the many different stories that make up the cityscape.

Archives Bazaar

Saturday, October 23, 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Doheny Memorial Library, USC

Check out the program here!