London Calling

Rodger Jacobs is a friend of mine. Up until several years ago he lived in Los Angeles blogging at 8763 Wonderland and commenting pretty regularly here at Then he moved up to San Francisco. After that, Vegas baby where his bloggings can now be found at Bat Country.

It’s been a trip — and mostly not a pleasant one to understate things. A couple months ago he climbed into the Las Vegas Sun and showed everyone how bad things had gotten, and in having that remarkable courage to do so inadvertently proved beyond a troll-stuffed shadow of a doubt that Tennessee Williams’ Blanche Dubois was full of shit. Kindness of strangers, my ass. Fuck ’em — especially those who commented so vindictively and judgmentally. Line every single self-important hating motherfucking one of ’em up with me wearing the latest in the Gorton’s Fisherman Fall Line of slickers and a baseball bat. Sa-wing batta!

But I both digress and now can never run for public office without that psycho quote coming back to haunt me. Ohgeedarn.

Behaving far more proactively and nonfeloniously, I did what I could to help keep him in cigarettes for a few days. Beyond that I’ve been sending a shitload of positive-affirming vibes in the direction of Sin City.

So what? Well, bear with me. I prefaced this post with all that because in the midst of all the crap he’s endured and enduring, there’s an incredible new book out that Rodger wrote the preface to called Jack London — San Francisco Stories, edited by Matthew Asprey from Sydney Samizdat Press. Since Rodger gets a little sumpin’ sumpin’ with every copy sold, I bought two. And since I don’t read in stereo I’m giving my spare copy away. I thought about auctioning it off on eBay with the proceeds going to Rodger, or just donating it to my local library branch and encouraging you good people to buy a copy, but in the end I went in between those two options and added it to my Neighborgoods inventory. So if one of you good people want it, be the first to request it. We can either arrange a hand-off or I’ll put it in the mail to you. Simple dimple.

8 thoughts on “London Calling”

  1. Wow some of those almost 400 comments are the most callous things I have ever read, bar none. Also sending positive vibes Rodger’s way.

  2. Queequeg, Las Vegas and Southern Nevada in general is extremely conservative (I often call the environs Bakersfield East) and my editors at the Sun, and myself, expected some negative blowback but this was unexpectedly over the top and resulted in a change to the Sun’s online comment policy. The vituperative hatred was beyond anything I ever experienced. Incidentally, there will be a Part Three wrap-up running on the front page over Thanksgiving weekend. I hope to God I’ll be writing that final segment from Los Angeles but it looks doubtful at this point.

    Tomorrow I will be interviewed by Belgian Public TV and on Friday La Presse from Canada is sending a reporter to interview me, this after an interview with TV 4 Netherlands a couple of weeks back — Euro and Canadian media have picked up on the political repercussions of my story but it has not gained much traction from U.S. national media outlets (though a good number of high profile bloggers picked up on the pieces) — you would think this story was tailor-made for MSNBC; if anyone has any contacts there, please pass the story along.

  3. Sending good wishes to Rodger. How people can be so cruel to someone so in need, who has been actively trying to better himself for many years, is beyond me.

  4. Thank you, Elizabeth; the citizens of Las Vegas should be ashamed to know that the media response to my story outside of Southern Nevada — from the L.A. Weekly to The Awl in NYC and Susan Bruce in the AFL-CIO’S blog, Working America — has been “What the hell is wrong with people in Las Vegas?”

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