Plane Spotting: October Edition

For those that are interested in such things, you’ll have another opportunity to catch a glimpse of Air Force One later this week. The President will be paying a visit to the City Of Angels on Friday.

As I’ve written here before, most people have seen a 747. Hell, you almost can’t miss them if you’re anywhere near Sepulveda and the 105. This is probably the most famous 747, though, and it is truly an impressive sight. Especially impressive when you consider all of the other aircraft, staff, and logistics that have to be coordinated every time it takes flight.

Air Force One is scheduled to land at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday morning at 11:20am. A good spot to watch it descend toward the runway is the lawn at In-N-Out on Sepulveda. That’s just a fly-over spot, though, so if you want to get a longer look, I’d recommend somewhere down near the other end of the runway. The last time I was there for an AFO arrival, I noticed quite a few people getting a bird’s eye view from West Imperial Avenue (above Imperial Highway; map here.) If you hit this spot, take binoculars. You’ll be at the closest viewing area to AFO’s parking space, but it’s still a fair distance away (see map.)

Something to keep in mind: Air Force One is scheduled to arrive at 11:20am. The last time this plane came to town, it actually landed 40 minutes ahead of schedule. If you’re going to watch it land, plan ahead and get there a little early.

Also, anyone remember the traffic nightmare caused by the President moving about the city in August? Ugh! Keep an eye/ear out for street closures on Friday afternoon and evening.

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  1. That image reminds me of the JetBlue plane that recently landed at LAX without it’s wheels down. That was awesome.

    Have I mentioned I don’t enjoy flying?

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