Win Tix to Sleigh Bells on Wednesday, Oct. 20

When I first heard Sleigh Bells‘ single, “Crown On The Ground,” on pitchfork, I was beset by equal parts revulsion and amazement. Squelching, overpowering guitars rattling out a stattaco, distorted-into-the-red rhythmic melody, accompanied by flattened vocals that provided more of a melodic layer than the guitars themselves–as if the vocals were a synth texture–was almost unlistenable, with producer Derek Miller utilizing the blown-out-speakers sound as a defining feature of the duo’s sound.

But it was unlistenable in that bracing, so-intense-it-hurts kind of way, the way I love that first ice-cold sip of Diet Coke because it hurts so good going down my throat. Sleigh Bells make your ears bleed, in an irresistible way. Alexis Krauss belts out anthems like a raver-cheerleader, her one-note vocals providing additional audio textures, as if Derek is using her voice as yet another layer of instrumentation.

Sleigh Bells are fucking amazing.

I’m really excited about this show, and apparently everyone else in LA is too, because it’s SOLD OUT. So is now one of the only ways to score tix.

Wanna win your way into the show? Leave a comment telling me what you thought the first time you heard Sleigh Bells. We’ll pick one lucky winner to get a pair of tix to the show.

Info on the show is here.

13 thoughts on “Win Tix to Sleigh Bells on Wednesday, Oct. 20”

  1. I first heard Sleigh Bells on a mix cd a guy I used to date had given me. He was really into making mix cds because he thought he was Rob from High Fidelity, nevermind the fact that making a mix cd isn’t really the same as a mix tape.

    Most of the songs on the mix were your typical “I bet you haven’t heard of this band, aren’t I just so cool” tracks, but Sleigh Bells really stuck out to me. It was a sound I didn’t hear often, so I copied it to my iPod and listened to it all day at work for a week. I’m pretty sure it made my eardrums bleed a bit, but it was totally worth it.

  2. The first time I heard Sleigh Bells was a few weeks before their album was released and Sirius was playing them A TON. They are a band that definitely lived up to the hype. Love their sound.

  3. I distinctly remember the first time I heard Sleigh Bells. I desperately wanted to turn it up, but I thought it was going to wake up my girlfriend, who was sleeping while I was driving. I thought the particular song sounded way too much like an alarm NOT to wake her up.

  4. The first time I heard Sleigh Bells my brain melted right out my ears forcing me to hit the replay button thirteen times in a row! I haven’t recovered since!

  5. To tell you the truth, I haven’t heard them a lot, just a few tracks, and it is great because their sound is still new to me. I like that first stage, that fresh feeling before anything is worn out.
    My brain still explodes to their beats and unruly tunes and does not know exactly what to do of all these weird noises going in every direction. When I first heard them, some tracks were an assault to my ears I could not resist to and kicked my stomach like a punching ball, other tracks like “Rill Rill” (the first song I have ever heard) curled right away in my eardrum!

  6. The first time I heard Sleigh Bells I was floored by how amazing they were. Looking at the photo of them I thought they were going to be some kind of mellow electro but wow was I wrong. They rocked my world when I heard them. The sounds they create reverberate through my ears with such amazing sound and clarify. I love them!

  7. I first heard the Sleigh Bells on KXLU. While rockin out, my burrito fell apart, into my lap. Magical.

  8. The first I heard of Sleigh Bells was “Crown on the Ground” and I thought about getting butt naked with it.

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