Downtown LA is really alive, especially on Art Walk night.

Mime performing for the crowd in front of Bolt Barbers
Last night was the monthly Downtown LA Art Walk.  Starting officially at noon, it really gets cranked up after 7PM.  Even if I hadn’t been one of the artists in last nights event, I still would have been there.  The energy of the crowd is the best endorphin I can think of.  But why take my word for it when you can listen to one of the organizers, Mohawk Matt of Bolt Barbers put his take on the whole event.
Aside from oodles of art in gallery’s and hotel lobbies the streets were packed with artists hawking their best efforts on the sidewalks.  Entertainment in the form of live music or DJ’s could be found at most every venue.   Food trucks like the side streets so if you aren’t in the mood for the free munchies at the galleries you can get your from some of the best trucks in town.
More pics of the evening can be found at Stephen’s Folly.
Pic by me with the trusty old Cell Phone cam.

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