Want to go see Die Antwoord on us?

If you read that headline and thought to yourself “FOK!” then this post is totally for you. If you didn’t, you are clearly missing out on life. As you should know Die Antwoord is the most zef rave rap crew from South Afrika ever, hell the world ever, maybe the only rave rap crew even. It’s seriously next level. That shit got mega huge on the web earlier this year, and their first album ‘$O$’ just came out today. I’d say it looks awesome, but since I designed it that *might* sound a little self serving. Anyway, if this is still all news to you, or if you remember seeing their stuff a few months ago but haven’t heard anything recently, check this video that just came out for ‘Evil Boy’ which is off this album. Warning, it’s sorta NSFW. Maybe. Depending on where you work.


OK, all that aside they are playing Sunday, October 17th at The Music Box and I’ve got a few tickets to give away. You want them? Post a comment and tell me why you deserve the tickets. (What’s that you say, you promise to dress up like Ninja or Yolandi? That’s a pretty good reason.) At 10 PM today I’ll consider the responses and pick whoever impresses me most. So whatchu got?!

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  1. While I am still trying to understand the Die Antwoord phenomena, my friend is a huge fan. She’s about to celebrate her 31st birthday and I am too broke to get her anything nice.

  2. Some imaginative visuals, but the music isn’t anything fresh or new. SOS indeed…same ol’ stuff.

  3. Let’s see…
    My penis is clean. I love music. I have that night freeee. I’d never never heard of Antwoord until I saw you reading up on them at CS.

    Experiencing bands for the first time in concert is way better than on your stereo or headphones. It is likely the only fair way to do so. You give them a chance to sound check the system. They’re present with friends, so that puts em in a good light and makes for lots of fun.

    I’ve started listening to lots of DubStep, Lady Sovereign, and MIA in the last few months, so my joy for rap is probably at a local maximum. The Fonda is a great hip hop venue with lots of dance space and great bass packed sound. Should be one hell of a party, regardless

    That said, I want it enough to go buy a ticket if GA are still available.

    Oh, I’m not badass enough to dress like ninja, but if you can suggest something else I’ll pull it together;)

  4. die antwoord is an amazingly fun and talented group, & i would love nothing more than to be surrounded by their awesomeness, in hopes of becoming awesome myself.

    and if you provide the rat coat, i’d definitely dress up like yolandi and wear it haha. i would dress up like ninja in “evil boy” but i think the fonda would kick me out for having a perma-boner.

  5. $O$ is one of my favorite albums i’ve heard this year. die antwoord is unlike anything i’ve ever heard before and i was instantly hooked on them when i first heard them last april. my world came crashing down around me when their show at the el rey this summer sold out instantly, so i would do just about anything for the opportunity to see them at the music box, which is hands down one of my favorite venues in LA. i just want to rage and get down to “enter the ninja” and lose my mind all night.

  6. I should get the tickets cause you know hi-tek has those next level beats. and Ninja gots that ill type gansta flow, they are all over the interwebs killing it. and it would be cool to see them kill it live.

  7. Damn! I’m in Chicago. Saw them at the Double Door in July and they blew the roof off the place. Got tix to see them at the Congress on 10/22. Any chance you could get me backstage there? I’d love to meet them.

  8. Every year I dress up as Nelson Mandela for Halloween and my wife goes as Dave Matthews. It’s about time context came up us… (though we almost made sense two years ago when the party’s theme was, “Things you cared about but not as much as you pretended to care about, in college, to get laid.”)

  9. YES.

    I deserve these tickets because, like the Ninja and Yo Landi, I get I what I want.

    Plus, on a sappy sappy note, I’ll take my 17-year-old little brother who normally thinks I’m a huge nerd. This will give me so much big sister-cred.

  10. Well this probably isn’t going to impress you but perhaps pull at your heart strings, and maybe out of pity you’ll hook me up with tickets. When they played out here in L.A. last time, I purchased tickets then fell deathly ill and wasn’t able to see them at the El Rey. Not only was I out the cost of two tickets (boy friend stayed home to take care of me), I was also seriously bummed because I’m a huge fan.

    I love those damned prawns and would love to see them bring the house down!!!

  11. A lot of the press for the new album has been in the vein of “is it an act? Are they even real?” As a fan of Die Antwoord, and a music fan in general, I have to wonder why it matters? Everything is an act – and Die Antwoord is a great one. They’re bringing a lot to the table aesthetically and musically. They are succeeding where M.I.A. failed on her new album: they’re keeping it real and having fun at the same time.

    I’ve never seen anything like them and because I’m a broke student I couldn’t afford tickets to Coachella and will miss them this Sunday if I’m unlucky enough to get tickets from this blog.

    Most of all I want to party Zef style and get fokken down & dirty! Its as simple as that!

  12. Send me those tickets because it doesn’t matter what anyone says. It’s a crapshoot. You hold the power. Just give them over to me. It’s that easy. one less decision you have to make. And this bad will totally piss my wife off and that will make for a most interesting night.

  13. I’m a steady Die Antwoord supporter and listener. I shred to the songs of beat boy and very fancy, and I puff to Dagga Puff. Just got out to LA about a month ago. I’m a wanabe film maker and I’m interning for the Director of The Transporter and other big hollywood films. He also gets down to Die Antwoord and if I could get these tickets, I could get some serious credit and take a damn good director to see the Zef Side of things up close…And I’d direct a music video up to this caliber for Die Antwoord some day.

  14. I first saw Die Antwoord at Coachella in April. I was completely blown away by their fresh, zef sound. After that show, I started tracking them on Songkick and reading everything I could around this “car crash” of a band. I downloaded their album from their website when it was still available and have been passing the hotness around to all my friends. I’ve posted numerous songs on my facebook to get the word out. I’ve seen them live twice so far (Coachella and Hard NY) and gonna see them again in Austin, TX later this month. I even bought a ticket to their supposed show opening for Paul Oakenfold in Austin before the start of Austin City Limits festival but, unfortunately, this lineup was posted in error on Songkick.com. I brought this error to Die Antwoord’s attention on their fb page, which they corrected with the quickness. Boost! I didn’t get a refund on my ticket for this show from the seller, which sucks but whatever. I bought the $0$ cd just to show my support of the zefside. Basically, I’m a ninja fa life and the fokken mango. Tickets please. LOL.

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