Pocket Parks: Schader Park

You know those tiny pockets inside your regular front jeans pocket? The one that is supposed to be for a pocket watch or something? Schader Park is like that pocket – TINY!

This lovely little slip of a park is along Cloverfield Blvd, just south of Santa Monica (Click on the map image to go to the map.)

And it’s not large. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in charm, shady benches and lovely trees.

And that is all there is to say about this wee green space!

5 thoughts on “Pocket Parks: Schader Park”

  1. Right nearby is the park at the Yahoo Center. I don’t know if you would count this one, since it isn’t a public park, but it’s open to the public, and on the weekends, and I’ve never experienced any private security guard intimidation. Check it out!

  2. The Yahoo Park is a case study in how private ownership of public parks can work.
    The place is always clean and quiet, and there are no bums in residence.

    Compare that to Memorial or Reed Park, or even Schader – which usually features a bum or two, but never any ordinary citizens. Its a waste of public expense and should be sold off or packaged in a land-swap.

  3. You must have never seen any of the throngs of kids using the skate park at Memorial Park then, Sal. It’s always packed whenever I go by. I also see people using the dog run. Memorial Park is a bit of a walk near some really busy streets for people that live nearby, though.

    Julia–I remembered tiny Ashland Park in Santa Monica–a true pocket park in a residential neighborhood. It’s on Ashland between 16th and 17th south of Ocean Park Blvd. And near Schaeder Park and Yahoo Park is the Broadway Community Garden, which has a little park as well.

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