Life Before License

32% of all collisions in Los Angeles are hit and run, and the penalties for getting caught really don’t discourage this. Recently Celine Mahdavi, the women who clobbered Louis Deliz into 49 days of hospitalization and likely a lifetime a pain and suffering, then fled the scene, was given no jail time, no suspension of license, only 90 days of community service. This is insane. If you you someone with your car and then drive away leaving them for dead, at the very least your license should be pulled. The folks over at Bikeside are initiating the “Life Before License” campaign to fix the law and put some value back on human life. They are proposing the following:

-A hit and run which results in fatality will result in the loss of driving privileges for 10 years.
-A hit and run which results in permanent disability, or causes a life threatening injury will result in the loss of driving privileges for 5 years.
-A hit and run which results in injury, but which does not lead to permanent disability or a life threatening injury, will result in the loss of driving privileges for 2 years.
-A hit and run which results in the damage of property only will result in the loss of driving privileges for 1 year.

But more than just proposing, they are actually trying to make this happen. On Sunday, 10/17, at the Hollywood Adventist Church at 1711 N. Van Ness Ave from 1pm to 3pm there will be an organizational meeting to plan and assign next steps. This is important and it’s worth your attention.

6 thoughts on “Life Before License”

  1. How does removing driving privileges deter the large amount of hit and run drivers who do not have driving privileges to begin with? They’ll just keep driving.

  2. Not sure where you got that, because that’s not what is being discussed here. This is people who are involved with hit and runs, caught after the fact, and then allowed to keep their licenses. Which means they are legal drivers.

  3. I do believe what Jones is getting at is that the removing a license won’t stop them from driving, just makes them unlicensed drivers adding to a big problem we already have out there. In my claims experience the hit and run driver more often than not was one with a suspended or revoked license to start with which is why they ran hoping not to get caught.

    However, I do agree that there needs to be more significant punishment such as jail time for leaving an injured person and fleeing the scene instead of attempting to render first aid. Running is just chicken shit.

  4. Fraz, I understand what you and Jones are saying, but that is a different problem and not what is being talked about here. Someone driving illegally who is involved in a hit and run faces jail time, which is valid. The point of this campaign is the strict penalties shouldn’t be only for 2nd or 3rd time offenders, as it only takes one time to kill someone.

    In the cases cited in the reports, the drivers were legal and licensed and regardless of how much damage and injury they caused, were allowed to keep their licenses. This is a problem.

  5. I know that Sean and I agreed stiff penalites need to be there for the get go on first timers too. For this judge to let the girl off with such a slap on the wrist is insulting to the person she injured.

  6. We should bering back putting people in stocks and on public display. Humiliation is a great motivator and wouldn’t over crowd the jails. Plus, I can throw food and spit on them all day, FUN!

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