WIN TICKETS for the Corin Tucker Band at the El Rey!!!!

Sleater-Kinney was basically the soundtrack of my angsty high school years, and I am endlessly nostalgic for late 1990s, post-Riot Grrl girl rock. So I am totally stoked that Corin Tucker, S-K’s former guitarist and vocalist, is touring again with a new project. The Corin Tucker Band is playing at the El Rey, on Wednesday (that’s the 13th) with Portland’s The Golden Bears and local kids Wait.Think. Fast. and thanks to the friendly folks at Goldenvoice, we’ve got several pairs tickets up for grabs!

Wanna go see the Corin Tucker Band and get your awesome lady rock on? Just comment below and let us know who your favorite female rock musician is!

9 thoughts on “WIN TICKETS for the Corin Tucker Band at the El Rey!!!!”

  1. so many great ones to choose from… but i’d have to say pj harvey was probably the most inspiring. or chan marshall… or of course all the womyn of sleater-kinney… and kathleen hanna. lol. please don’t disqualify me for naming three. ;) i’m new to los angeles and would love love to be in a crowd of sleater-kinney loving folks. thanks! :D

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