Win Tickets to see Gogol Bordello next week in LA!



Did you know that Gogol Bordello is playing in LA next week? That’s right, it’s at Club Nokia downtown and thanks to the exceptional generosity of the folks at Goldenvoice I’ve got some tickets to give away. Maybe to you. Do you think you have what it takes to win them? Well, you have to be a master of Gogol Bordello trivia to get these bad boys. Well, maybe not a master, but very well versed. OK maybe not even very well versed, just semi-familiar. The question is this: What color will you wear when you get old and go crazy?

It’s pretty obvious for anyone who has any knowledge of Gogol Bordello tunage. What isn’t so obvious is how to submit your answer. You *could* post it in the comments, but I might not see it and everyone else will see it, and also, dude, I probably won’t be able to get in touch with you because you probably used a fake name and a fake contact for your commenting account thingy. So instead, e-mail me your answer. ALL GONE ALREADY. THANKS!