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NeighborGoods Helps You Join CicLAvia

Photo by ItzaFineDay, used under Creative Commons.

On Tuesday Blogging.LA’s own Will Campbell wrote about this weekend’s CicLAvia, an event happening Sunday which will close 7.5 miles of L.A. streets to motorized vehicles, turning them over to cyclists, joggers and walkers.

Now joining the fun and helping you get in on it, too –

We’ve written about NeighborGoods before. NeighborGoods founder and CEO is my friend, Micki Krimmel (you may also know her around the ‘net as Mickipedia.) She’s come up with an innovative way to save money and help your friends and neighbors, while reducing waste and storage of unnecessary stuff. You can learn about the broader strokes here.

Here’s where it all comes together: NeighborGoods has partnered with CicLAvia, so if you don’t have a bike you can borrow one from a neighbor. Have a bike to lend? Add it to your NeighborGoods inventory to share.

Check out the bikes available and reserve one for CicLAvia. We’ll look forward to riding with you on the streets of L.A.

PS- Even if you’re not able to make it to CicLAvia, you should still sign up at Do a friend or neighbor a favor; loan them something they need that’s just gathering dust in your garage anyway. Hell, borrow some of my stuff. Need a power drill, but don’t want to buy one just for that one project? I’ve got two. Check it out.

5 thoughts on “NeighborGoods Helps You Join CicLAvia”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, Burns! We’re really excited to be a part of CicLAVia! We’ll be tooling around on bikes handing out NeighborGoods flyers. If anyone wants to join, hit me up on Twitter! @Mickipedia @NeighborGoods

  2. Very cool! I have a CicLAvia-ready Giant OCR-3 road bike sitting around the garage. Gonna go add it to my Neighborgoods inventory right now!

  3. FYI, earlier tonight I loaned my bike to a fellow Neighborgoods’er, a young fellow from Studio City. That’s one more CicLAvia participant saddled up and ready to ride!

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