New Series: Menu Mining

A cheesesteak from South Philly Experience. Who knew this would be one of LA's best dishes?

You know the situation: You go to your favorite restaurant, planning to try something new. You want to be one of the regulars. One of the people who’s had everything on the menu. One of those cool diners who knows the head chef’s first name and sometimes he comes out to say hi to you, and maybe suggests something that’s really good today and the right wine to go with it.

But then you sit down and open the menu. And your eyes fall right to that same thing you always get. And you think: NO! I promised myself I’d try something new. I promised myself I’d expand my horizons. But really, I’m kind of tired, and I’m in a comfort-food kind of mood, and anyway I don’t want to risk going home unsatisfied, because then I’d just wait until 10 PM and eat a frozen pizza or half a box of cheese crackers. So you order the old standby. And you don’t regret a thing.

This series is for you.

It’s dedicated to those dishes that keep you coming back; those singular meals at your favorite restaurants that make you say things like: Don’t go to Costa Alegre without trying the huevos divorciados. And don’t go to Fred 62 without trying the Bearded Mr. Frenchy. And certainly don’t go to Carousel without gorging yourself stupid on the Merry-Go-Round, an enormous pile of meat that some mad scientist could use to create an unholy cow-chicken-lamb zombie hybrid. It would seem so peaceful, until all those popping flashbulbs frightened it into a rampage. Why, oh, why did we hold the press conference on such a cloudy day! And now my beloved Sophia, dead! Dead! If only there were some way to bring her back…

But I digress. Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll read about some of the finest meals Los Angeles and its environs have to offer, from orange blueberry pancakes to fish tacos to bun thit nong. No, I won’t tell you what bun thit nong is. You’ll just have to wait. Also, I don’t know what it is.

So stay tuned. And let us know what your favorite dish is!

4 thoughts on “New Series: Menu Mining”

  1. The veggie burrito at Gilbert’s in Santa Monica. It’s what I always got when I was a vegetarian, but I still get it now, 7 years after going back to the meat side.

    Plain pastrami sandwich at Langer’s. I know people talk about the #19, but I think the pastrami is so good that the coleslaw and cheese distracts from the perfection that is Langer’s pastrami.

  2. Oooh, Oooh. Can I be the guy who suggests wine!? Really looking forward to this series. Exciting stuff.

    And if I have to go for my favorite comfort food dish it’s the Josephine Clam Fritters at Providence (lunch only). They’re groin-grabbingly-good.

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