Win Michael Franti Tickets!!

I’ve seen Michael Franti in concert once before and he blew me away.  You can see him this Wednesday night cuz we’re giving away four pairs of tickets to his performance at Club Nokia on September 22nd.  His music, a blend of reggae, hip-hop, jazz and rock blends so many genres, that it emerges as a style all his own.

His performance has so much energy, that you end up dancing, moving and just in general having a great time.  While he’s known for his ballads on peace and freedom, he also has a style that is just down with feeling good.

If you want to win tickets, just give us your version of why Michael wears no shoes! If you don’t win… just go here to nab a ticket… it’s well worth it!

5 thoughts on “Win Michael Franti Tickets!!”

  1. I am not entering to win.

    I saw them last time they were at Club Nokia. They cover so many genres, its crazy.

    They brought a guy from the audience on stage and he stripped down to a thong and then flashed the audience.

  2. he’s proud of his well pedicured long dagger-like toe nails that feature images of band members faces on each toe including faces of his family.

  3. Once upon a time, there was a very successful independent record company that was run by a nice young couple. Times were very, very good. The family enjoyed many fun things, like meals at nice restaurants, vacations to far away places, and tickets to many amazing live shows at the various venues in and around Los Angeles.

    One of the artists the company promoted was Michael Franti and Spearhead. The mom of the nice young couple loved the record. She played it many, many times for her young son, who had autism. She and her young son loved the record and danced to it many times in the living room of their home in Pacific Palisades.

    Then, the climate of the record business changed, and the company was not so successful. No more nice meals, trips to places far, far away, or tickets to shows. The couple separated, and the mom was left with the raise their young son with no financial help from the dad, no assistance from her family.

    The Mom had many struggles, but she survived. She paid the bills, took care of the son, and persevered despite the obstacles. Then one day, the Mom entered a contest to see Miachel Frenti at Club Nokia on Sept 22. She was so happy when she won, and she remembered those happy days of dancing in the living room with her young son many, many years ago.

    The end.

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