Emergency Concert Ticket Give Away!! Reverend Horton Heat, Jerry Lee Lewis and The Head Cat!

I Have Four Pair of tickets to give away for this Show on Saturday, September 25th!

The Legend! Jerry Lee Lewis! Yes! He is still alive! The Reverend Horton Heat, who just simply must be seen live! No, Seriously, just an AMAZING live band! And The Head Cat. This is Lemme from Motorhead and Slim Jim Phantom serving up some Rockabilly Greatness.

But it’s coming up soon! I have to know who to give these tickets to by Wednesday!

We’re not getting fancy this time, if you wanna go, let me know in the comments, I’ll pick winners at random.

The show is at Fox Theatre in Pomona. (But so worth the drive.)
See you there!

But I have to know who

19 thoughts on “Emergency Concert Ticket Give Away!! Reverend Horton Heat, Jerry Lee Lewis and The Head Cat!”

  1. I WANT IN! Live at the Star Club is the greatest live album ever released – yes, better than James Brown’s Live at the Apollo.

    Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry!

  2. If it’s not too late, I’d love a pair of these tickets. Jerry Lee, Slim Jim and Lemmy all in one night. It’s all down hill from there.

  3. I missed Jerry Lee Lewis’ show at Hootenanny this year, so it would be absolutely amazing if I can win a pair!

  4. I have never seen Rev Horton. I have several friends that tell me of all the people they know that I NEED to hear these guys. If your inclined to turn these tickets onto someone in the hopes of them gaining a true fan, I’m your guy. I understand if you need to give them to a die hard fan. If your wanting to help grow their following, expose them to someone new that truly appreciates music, again I’m your guy. If you have 4 available, Id gladly give the other two to the die hard fan friends I have that are insisting I see these guys. Appreciate your generosity by the way, If I can return the favor somehow, Id be happy to.

  5. Let me clarify: I’m giving away four pairs of tickets to four different people who leave comments here. I ain’t givin’ 8 tickets to one winner.

    I’ll pick the winners in a random fashion from everyone who comments here by Wed., Midnight. (or, if you prefer, 11:59PM, Tuesday, get it?) Winners will be notified by email. Winners will need to email me back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so I can submit your names to Golden Voice and you can get your tix.


    @Tess: Jerry Lee didn’t make it to the Hootenanny, he was, apparently, ill. I was a bit disappointed, but it’s understandable considering his age. Chuck Berry did play, tho’. That was something to see.

  6. So here’s the story. I am poor and I can’t afford it And it’s my best buds b day the next day. This would be perfect and he would shit bricks if we went. Crossing fingers.

  7. I freaking have always wanted to see Jerry Lee Lewis AND Headcat is my fave band. Too excited to write. Please pick me!!

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