Shonen Knife! Tomorrow!! Twice!!!

There are two times, generally, when I’m turned into a little girl: one is when I see Donald Duck at Disneyland (something about that waddle), and the other is when I see super, duper kawaii Japanese pop girl group Shonen Knife.  Kurt Cobain was similarly transfixed when he first heard the band’s Burning Farm album, so much so that he ranked it number 26 on his Top 50 Albums, as listed in his Journals.  Here he is, telling Shonen Knife why he loves them so much and how excited he is that the Japanese trio will join Nirvana on their 1991 UK tour in support of a little album called Nevermind.


Shonen Knife is The Beatles meets The Ramones meets the grocery store: they sing about their love for banana chips, chocolate, fruits, vegetables, brown mushrooms, pizza, and spam.  They also sing about cats and Barbies, and whatever else strikes their fancy.  Sometimes they cover great bands like The Monkees and The Ramones.  And sometimes I really have no idea what they’re singing about, but as The Magnetic Fields pointed out, nothing matters when we’re dancing.  The band’s brand of infectious pop is coming to LA not once, but twice, tomorrow.  First, they will make an in-store appearance at Amoeba at 5 (free), then they will head over to Spaceland for a proper show (a paltry $12 in advance, $14 at the door).  Seriously, apart from the gross old white dudes who love Shonen Knife a little too hard, I defy you to have more fun at another show this year.


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  1. Not all old and/or Caucasian men, Ojisan – just the ones that ogle lecherously on Japanese (or other Asian) women with their hungry eyes. That’s totally gross and definitely unworthy.

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