Ricky’s Fish Tacos and Mexicali Team Up for Baja Night

I’m not one to get all Noah’s Ark on you and proclaim that the best things come in pairs, but sometimes – sometimes – they do.  Ninety-nine dollar Simple Human waste receptacles + Hefty; Mulder + Scully; French fries + Ooegy Gooey — all great pairs.  On Saturday night, add another great duo: Ricky’s Fish Tacos + Mexicali, bringing Baja to Beaudry + 1st.


Mexicali’s chorizo cachetada + Ricky’s fish tacos

Both Ricky and the guys at Mexicali are tenaciously intent on bringing authentic, Baja-style tacos to LA and are cooking up some mad delicious tacos to show us what we’ve been missing.  Ricky fries fish and shrimp tacos at 1400 Virgil on most days (see Burns! review here) while the guys at Mexicali use a parking lot on 1st and Beaudry to cook up meat tacos, quesadillas, and whatever else strikes their fancy on Wednesdays through Saturdays (see my review here).

Both, however, will interrupt their regularly scheduled programming for Saturday’s Baja Night.  Starting at 6pm, the two will go Justice League on us and combine their respective strengths: you’ll find Ricky frying his fish and shrimp alongside Mexicali grilling their carne and chorizo at Mexicali’s parking lot spot on 1st and Beaudry.  Pick up a lovely fish taco from Ricky, then wash it down with a cachetada from Mexicali.  Stick around a little bit to digest it all, then go back for more.  Maybe try a shrimp taco paired with a vampiro?  Or a shrimp taco with nachos con carne?  Noah aside, it will have to be a polyamorous night.  The Baja food gods wouldn’t have it any other way.

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