Win Tickets to Opening Night of the Downtown Film Fest!!!!

Starting Wednesday, September 8th and going through the 12th, the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles aims to highlight the best indie flicks while reminding you that, oh, Downtown used to be – and getting to be – this cultural touchstone for all of LA.  There are a couple interesting indies that will be screened in venues across downtown: a documentary on the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Grammy Museum; Greenlit, a look (hilarious, I hope) at The Squid and the Whale producer’s woeful attempts to keep the set of The River Why environmentally friendly; and, the one I’m most interested in, American: The Bill Hicks Story, about the life of the comedian who died too young at age 32.  Tickets are here.


Gauging by the awesome lack of street traffic over the last two days, I’d guess that the lot of you are out of town, de-Laboring over Labor Day weekend.  For those of you who are around and checking in, I have a present: tickets to festival’s opening night, which includes a screening of American: The Bill Hicks Story and the post-screening gala party.  All you have to do is submit a comment with the name of your favorite film that took place in LA.  If you need help, our crew of motley bloggers did a series not too long ago on exactly this subject.  I’ll randomly pick the winners by Tuesday evening.  Good luck!

19 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Opening Night of the Downtown Film Fest!!!!”

  1. Gotta say there have been a lot of great ones filmed in LA, but the one that sticks with me the most is “500 Days of Summer” I love the respect the movie gives to the Downtown Area!

  2. first movie that came to mind was “Chinatown” but i’ve never seen it, read the list and remembered how much i loved “Repo Man” and need to see it again. Then I remembered.. “To Live and Die in LA”… and as I type I remember “Training Day” and “Internal Affairs.” I guess you can do a list just on LA police movies. Anyway, hope to win and thanks. My favorite LA based movie would be “the big sleep”

  3. i’m in the “500 Days of Summer” camp with this one. simply stunning use of the city.

    in addition, i do like the commentary on LA life in “L.A. Story.”

  4. Sunset Boulevard is my favorite film that took place in LA. It won 3 Oscars in 1950, but unfortunately not Best Picture. It is the quintessential LA film.

  5. The Omega Man is what first comes to mind. Downtown LA is damn near the main character as Charlton Heston drives and rummages thru its empty streets and stores during his days before the infected come out to taunt him at night.

    But favorites go to Swingers and Magnolia. I still fondly think of Swingers every time I pass the Derby and The Dresden. And now a resident of LA and well affiliated with the valley, a recent viewing of Magnolia provided such a different perspective as opposed to my previous screenings from the midwest.

  6. (500) Days of Summer HANDS DOWN!!
    Love that it shows a different side of LA that most out-of-towners (and even LA residents) hadn’t seen.

  7. Ack, sorry guys, but the contest is closed! The festival’s opening night film was on Wednesday night – those were the only tickets I had to give away, and they were given away. Thanks for reading though!

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