County Fair Time!

Labor Day weekend looms, and you know what that means? That means it’s time for the LA County Fair. Regular readers may know I am a huge fan of the county fair. I LOVE THE COUNTY FAIR!!!! Really. I just logged on and bought ten tickets for me and nine of my closest friends because truly there are few ways I’d rather spend a free Sunday than eating fried Oreos, browsing infommercial gear, and petting baby goats. In anticipation of the upcoming fair season, I offer you some photo highlights from last year’s L.A. County Fair (thank you Colin).

At the fair, you’ll find:

llamas you can pet
giant reanimated pizza slices
educational opportunities
lots of terrifying air brush art
let's zoom in on that


stuff to buy!

Look for a full report after this year’s visit. Yay for the fair!

9 thoughts on “County Fair Time!”

  1. Okay, I missed the major league baseball CASKET last year. Wow. Guess you’ll be needing that after all the fried food (apparently fried butter is the latest thing, although NPR had a piece on this morning about fried beer. Yes, beer.).

    Have a great time!!!!! :)

  2. How does one become an atheist minister? Oh, never mind… I just answered my own question..duh!

  3. I was at the Del Mar fair in June.
    Chocolate covered bacon was glorious and the deep fried Klondike Bar was sublime.
    Deep fried butter…vomitrocious.

    Looking forward to L.A. County Fair.

  4. I’ve been thinking about the Fair and all it offers. Me, I want to see what used to be called “Home Arts”–Sewing & Crafts–has graduated to “Tapestry”..but still has all the wonderful incentives to get out the fabric/beads/etc and put some creativity to work…or to acknowledge that I could never come up with something as beautiful/inventive/amazing as what I’m looking at.

    But this year I’m going to do something different—I’m going to be lazy and not drive.
    Metro has a train direct from Union Station to Fairplex on the weekends…NO DRIVING!

    Of course you’d have to leave early and not be the last person to ride the ferris wheel but you can still arrive early and get a full day in…

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