Blogger Mugged in Broad Daylight Fights a Bitch Off

Our good friend e*star recounts her horrific mugging in broad daylight while the rest of Hollywood stood idly by. It sounds like she gave the girl a good ass-kicking:

She careened me towards the white picket fence at June and De Longpre, pulling my hair. I whipped her back around, kicking her in the stomach. We continued as I screamed from within the far reaches of my lungs to the passing cars who probably thought they were witnessing a chick fight, what with my female mugger.

It’s comforting to know that events like these are still taking place while the LAPD is running radar on Coldwater & Burbank to catch soccer moms speeding on their way to work.

We’re glad you’re OK, Esther. Thank you for sharing your story with us, and for standing your ground in your new neighborhood.

One thought on “Blogger Mugged in Broad Daylight Fights a Bitch Off”

  1. I’m glad you’re ok too. I have to say I agree with the fact that MY LAPD doesn’t have the resources in the correct places. Get the bean counters OUT of the buildings and OUT on the streets! And that’s why I don’t write tickets that often, because things like this are happening to our citizens while some soccer Mom, working stiff or old timer is getting a ticket. It sounds like you were not a victim and did a great job protecting yourself. Sorry none of us were there to render aid. And for you I will give another bike rider, pedestrian or motorist a break.

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