Win Tickets To Something Corporate, August 28th

Orange County’s own, Something Corporate are bringing their “Reunion Tour 2010” to Club Nokia at L.A. Live on Saturday, August 28th, and blogging.LA has your tickets.

Would you like to see the final show on Something Corporate’s Reunion Tour? Leave a note in the comments section below telling me why you want to see this show, or your favorite Something Corporate song.

Winners (we’ve got more than one pair of tickets) will be notified via email by midnight Wednesday. Keep an eye on your email, as you need to respond by noon on Thursday. If all winners have not responded by noon, those tickets will be passed to the next lucky winner(s.)

Thanks to our friends at Goldenvoice. Don’t want to take a chance on winning tickets? You can purchase tickets for Saturday’s show here.

12 thoughts on “Win Tickets To Something Corporate, August 28th”

  1. oh my god. high school me just got heart palpitations. where to start?

    1) If You See Jordan – our high school band teacher Mr. Jordan left our band program. There was a lot of bitterness and rage and this song came out at the right time.

    2) As You Sleep – a boy sent me this song. I can’t listen to it ever without thinking about him.

  2. When I was in high school, Something Corporate was one of the bands I turned to when I was having a bad day/week/whatever. I never got to see them live then, but I would love to now. My favorite song has to be either “I Kissed a Drunk Girl” or “Heroine.”

  3. Something Corporate have been one of my favorite bands for 5+ years, and within those 5 years, their music has carried me through the good– and the bad (sadly, more bad than good, but that’s a completely different story! haha). Their music was always there for me when no one else was, they made me feel like someone understood and was there for me to cry on, their music didn’t judge me or roll it’s eyes, it gave me beautiful music and words that flowed through my body and soul and knew me better than how I knew myself (as cliche as that sounds, but isn’t a cliche a cliche because it’s simply a common truth?). Their music made me feel better when I was at my worst.

    On the other hand, their music also accompanied me on better days. I remember numerous days blasting them in the car and driving down to Crystal Cove or up to Venice, feeling the sea-salt wind and good vibes around me. One particular memory I have is one summer when I was in the middle of no-where in Arizona, the midnight sky was so clear and Something Corporate was the perfect accessory for the night. I laid on my back with their music in my ears and the beauty of the universe soaking into my eyes, it was so breath taking and wondrous that a few tears trickled down my cheeks. (That’s another thing I love about them, they have songs about space and the universe, how awesome is that?)

    I know that all sounds very corny and cliche, but I just love Something Corporate so much. Those are some of the experiences I’ve had with them, and I wish I could have the experience of seeing them live. Unfortunately for me I got into them just as they broke up, and it would mean the world to me if I could see them live.

    My favorite songs are “I Want To Save You”, “I Woke Up in a Car”, “Down”, “Watch the Sky”, and of course “Konstantine” always makes me tear up at least a little. Sorry for the length! I just really really really love this band, and I can’t even describe the joy it’d bring me to see them live.


  4. gotta go with konstantine and i kissed a drunk girl…reminds me of good and bad times with an old special someone.

  5. Punk Rock Princess was the first Something Corporate song I’d ever heard – I remember it just clicked. It was on a mix tape given to me by this crazy drunk kid, and the mix tape also included Konstantine (which is simply amazing). Crazy drunk kid went by the wayside, but I maintaned the love affair with SoCo for the next several years. Last year, crazy drunk kid came back around and was no longer drunk and less crazy, and we are probably getting married before too long! It would be awesome to see the last show on this tour with him (especially considering he’s an even bigger fan than I).

  6. My reason for wanting to go and my favorite song are the same answer. Konstantine.

    It is (by far) my favorite song. It was my favorite song from the first time I ever heard it, and it’s still my favorite song today. The reason I love the song has changed over time, and, at one point, I hated the song because it was so accurate to a relationship that I was in/ending/in/ending/ending/in/ending/in. Even when I hated on it, it was still my favorite song.

    It’s the only song that can choke me up (though, I’d certainly never cry, ‘coz I’m a guy.)

    This may be the last time I’ll ever get to hear it played live, and I’d love for that to be in the county where it all started.

    Plus, I’ll be driving out from po-dunk Utah to see it (if I win.)

  7. everyone has that favorite band that they love more than anything, that they connect to and who’s music can help them endure life’s crazy times. for me, that band is something corporate.

    seeing something corporate live would make my heart happy. :)

  8. Konstantine – She might not have long blonde hair, but I think that’s a pretty minor detail.

    These guys have been the soundtrack to my formative years. Between Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin, Andrew McMahon has been a brilliant inspiration. Thanks for the chance to see him/them!


  9. There’s something about Something Corporate’s music that just tugs me – it’s hard to explain, it is just like a pull from my core. The lyrics stand on their own, even without the amazing music. I grew up in the Midwest, love the line “I traced away the fog so I could see the Mississippi on her knees.” I’ve never actually kissed a drunk girl, but have for sure felt that “I know I am not the one” sentiment. “If I could be your first real heartache, I would do it over again. . . ” just amazing words.

  10. Oh Something Corporate, They make me nostalgic for the time of pop-punk. My band played a lot of gigs because of these guys. Our sound was similar and gave us plenty of work in High School. Pretty great. Would love to see these guys.

  11. Whoa. Sorry for the delay everyone. Yesterday got a little crazy, and I wasn’t able to notify the winners.

    Winners to be notified in a few minutes. Reply deadline to be extended. If you don’t get notified today by noon, still keep an eye on your email box this evening, just in case any of the winners don’t respond in time to claim tickets.

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