LA’s Greatest Landmarks-Flashback Edition: Angelyne

In the 80’s you could see her (in what I remember as) one of her most regular spots – above the old parking lot next to the Chinese. You’d also find her in unexpected spots around town, towering and pouting above a busy street like Sunset or Santa Monica. She was big and busty and pink and blonde and she was ours.


She was once both a stationary and moving landmark. The billboards around town and that car. If you saw that pink Corvette you knew it could only be her and your day/month/year was made. These days though, the billboards are gone (unless you know of one somewhere that’s leftover??) and if you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her stopped for gas or groceries, go buy a lottery ticket, cuz you are one lucky starstruck being!

Can a person be a landmark? It’s hard to say no when we are talking about Angelyne. She’ll always represent LA in my heart, just like the Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame, Union Station, LAX, etc, etc. Could Angelyne happen anywhere other than Los Angeles? I don’t think so. And she’s unique! Try to finish this sentence: Angelyne is to 80’s LA what ____________ is to 21st century LA. I can’t do it.

I thought her billboards would be around forever, but this is LA. People thought the Brown Derby would last too. Time does march on. You can always visit her electronic billboard at MySpace (I know, I thought MySpace didn’t exist anymore either!) and there is an Angelyne Fan page on Facebook.

Photo by Minnaert and used under CC license.

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9 thoughts on “LA’s Greatest Landmarks-Flashback Edition: Angelyne”

  1. Keep your eyes open, you’ll spot her. The secret is watching for that pink Corvette. I’ve seen her half-a-dozen times over the years… The 101, the 405, Burbank, Malibu…the girl gets around!

  2. We saw her downtown Pasadena, getting out of her Vette a a valet stand last month, then my co-workers saw her again a few weeks later in the same area.

  3. I saw her at the original Frederick’s of Hollywood a few years ago. Strangely, she didn’t respond to my greeting. A man was buying lingerie for her…
    She really was a creature of the ’80s. I always thought she was a great performance artist, playing a joke on the whole city.

  4. Probably my best LA story is having martinis with Angelyne at the bar in the Summit hotel years back. My buddy was bar-tending and it was his last night, so I got to drink for free. And there was barely anybody in the bar except for Angelyne and her boy-toy, so we got to talking. I don’t remember too much of the conversation because I was so trashed, but her taste in music surprised me – she’s a Ministry fan!

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