LA’s Greatest Landmarks: Colorado Street Bridge

Connecting  North East LA (Highland Park and Eagle Rock) with Pasadena is the beautiful Beaux Arts style Colorado Street Bridge.  (Colorado Street for the new to the area runs from Griffith Park on the west end to Monrovia, my little corner of LA on the east end).  Built in 1913 it is one of our older surviving landmarks still in use today.  The bridge has its fun stuff and sad stuff.

Sad stuff first…its better known local name is “Suicide Bridge” after the number (some say as high as 200) of tormented souls that ended it all with a jump to the rocky arroyo below. Weird California has some good information and tales of jumpers, ghosts and other bits of information to stimulate your already active imagination.  Urban Legend (my father-in-law gave it to me first) is that the bridge became a magnet for the forlorn who lost it all during the stock market crash that triggered the first great depression.  The most recent suicide was August 8, 2o1o according to the Pasadena Star News.

The fun stuff is the Annual Bridge party hosted by the Pasadena Heritage group.  This party takes place every July usually around the 2nd Saturday.  Pasadena Heritage and the city close down the bridge and turn it into a giant party.  Local Restaurants and brewery’s are there along with live music at various stops along the bridge.  The proceeds go to preserving Pasadena history and historical landmarks.  If you haven’t done this event yet, I’d highly recommend it as something to toss into your bucket list.  Nice evening out with friends on a piece of beautiful history can’t be beat.

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