Get Your Group- and Grub On and Win a Groupon

One of my favoritest cookies in the whole city is a platino from Platine Cookies in Culver City.  They’re like Oreo cookies, but fluffier and made with real ingredients.  I can eat a whole batch in one sitting.  So, you can imagine my total excitement when, a few months ago, Groupon offered a voucher for the bakery.  For the uninitiated, Groupon takes your mother’s Sunday circular coupons, mashes them with Woot, and adds a little friendly high school peer pressure.  Every day, Groupon gives you the chance to buy a voucher (the Groupon) at a price far less than its actual value.  The catch is, a minimum number of people must buy into the deal.  If that minimum threshold is reached, then your credit card is charged and everyone wins, huzzah!  If not enough people are interested, then no cards are charged, and no one gets the deal (aw).  In the case of Platine, I paid $12 for a $25 voucher to the bakery.  At least 75 people had to buy the Groupon for it to be unlocked; they did and it was.  Huzzah!  Platinos for everyone!

Today, Groupon’s Big Deal is a $10 Groupon for $20 worth of credit at GrubHub, available to everyone as soon as 750 hungry people sign on.  For those unfamiliar with the site – aren’t we learning all sorts of things today! – GrubHub is for times like now when you’re home late from work, it’s wayyyy too hot to cook, and you need to order food but don’t want to leaf through all those gross delivery ads piled on your doorstep.  GrubHub rounds up a list of places that will deliver to you and even gives you their menus.  For places working with GrubHub, you can actually even place your order then and there: say I wanted to a piece of New York pie and have Two Boots delivered.  I could look up the menu and place the order, all on GrubHub.  Pretty nifty, yes?

The $10-for-$20 Groupon is a pretty good incentive to get you to try the service, but what’s better is a $0-for-$20 Groupon.  That’s right, for those of you who have never tried GrubHub, yours truly is giving out a few Groupons for today’s GrubHub deal.  All you have to do is comment below with the name of your favorite place in the city to get delivery.  Be sure to comment with a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.  And remember: 750 of us have to go for the deal, at which time we are all winners here.

Photo courtesy Lucyrk in LA via the Blogging LA Flickr pool.

14 thoughts on “Get Your Group- and Grub On and Win a Groupon”

  1. Thai Fantasy in Highland Park! (though checking out GrubHub, I have 6 other Thai restaurants that deliver to me. Awesome.)

  2. I’m all about

    It’s a small place on Beverly just east of Fairfax and the Thai food is out of this world. Apparently there is some sort of story floating around that the owners were originally the chefs for some big Thai place in Hollywood but I haven’t had the time to look into that.

  3. I love all thai delivery, but would be down to try something new if I had this handy dandy groupon.

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