LA’s Greatest Landmarks: What’s Your Favorite Farmer’s Market Stand?

Farmer's Market in 1934

I had big plans for my Farmer’s Market post, really I did. I was going to eat at all my favorite stalls and take pictures of the food. I was going to get my hair cut at the new barber shop. I was going to buy a whole mess of produce and cut it up and make a big fruit salad, and then share that fruit salad with all of you. Don’t ask how. I had a system.

After getting into the history of the Farmer’s Market — how it began in the 1930s when crowd of local farmers banded together to sell produce on a plot of land called Gilmore Island, despite the fact that it was in the middle of the desert — I’d have gone on to talk about the dozens of restaurants there, including my all-time favorite (Loteria), my recent super-awesome discovery (Singapore’s Banana Leaf), my second-favorite-after-Pink’s place in LA to get hot dogs (Phil’s Deli & Grill), and the one place I’ve never tried but have always wanted to (Moishe’s).

Then I’d have probably prattled on about all the other cool stuff you can do there, like stocking up on produce and buying stickers (yes!) and picking up a new Lego set for the kids (totally yes!). Here’s the deal: When the zombie apocalypse comes, I’m walling off the Farmer’s Market and living there. At least until the local warlords take over.

Anyway, that’s what I was going to write. But, you know, life happens to all of us, and sometimes we don’t get to write our Farmer’s Market posts to the length and breadth we’d initially hoped. But fortunately, the Farmer’s Market at 3rd and Fairfax has a pretty broad diversity of stuff to do. So no single post could really do it justice, since there’d surely be a dozen disappointed people wondering why I didn’t mention their favorite place.

So I thought I’d use my lack of preparedness as an opportunity to go all We The Internet on y’alls asses, and let you do the talking. What’s your favorite spot in the Farmer’s Market? Where do you like to get lunch? What’s your favorite dish? Do you actually do any shopping there? Is there something you buy there to send to the family back east?

Respond in the comments. Let’s share.

6 thoughts on “LA’s Greatest Landmarks: What’s Your Favorite Farmer’s Market Stand?”

  1. Loteria Grill, hands down. Or as we call it “Damn Tasty Mexican”. I haven’t made it to their new restaurants, but I love the stand at 3rd and Fairfax. And it’s not so bad that they don’t serve alcohol because they are right next to the bar.

  2. I’m at my knit and crochet group, the West Hollywood Stitch ‘n Bitch EVERY single Thursday night at the Original Farmers Market. We meet in the upstairs dining room from 7-9pm. Sooooo, since I’m there at least once a week, I’ve tried all of the restaurants at the Market. Hands-down, my fave is the Singapore Banana Leaf with Phil’s Deli coming in a close second!
    I buy meat at Huntington’s; doughnuts at Bob’s; ice-cream at Bennett’s and love the free music nights. The Farmers Market is my neighborhood hang-out. Meet me at 3rd and Fairfax!!!

  3. Gumbo Pot! My favorite thing at the Gumbo Pot is the drunken shrimp, which is, basically shrimp floating in butter and beer. It’s glorious.

    I’ve been to the Weho stitch ‘n’ bitch once and had a great time and keep meaning to make it back! I’m going to have to put it on my resolution list for the fall.

  4. Loteria is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Southern California, hands down. I’m also particularly fond of the beer stand next door to it, for some reason. Mmmm… beer. The juice stand isn’t bad, either. And there’s something to be said for that Brazilian place. If I could live anywhere in Los Angeles it would be within walking distance of the Farmer’s Market.

  5. Bob’s doughnuts are the bomb. And I agree with Xandra (on this as on so many things) Gumbo Pot is the yum. And the sausage shop has great stuff if you’re looking to take home and grill.

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