Plane Spotting: Wrap-Up

Clickably gigantifiable.

Last week I mentioned an opportunity to have a (semi) up-close gander at Air Force One as it arrived at LAX yesterday. Did you go?

The President and his posse arrived about 40 minutes ahead of schedule Monday afternoon, which worked out really well for those of us who had gotten there early. It meant beating the worst of the afternoon traffic coming back up through downtown.

Now, speaking of the traffic, I heard it was terrible virtually everywhere yesterday. The Pres flew via Marine One from LAX to Beverly Hills, but once he got into the car bound for the DCCC fundraiser in Hancock Park, Secret Service street closures for the motorcade turned all of L.A. into one giant traffic clusterf*ck.

The obligatory snapshot with the plane.

For the record, I was there for the arrival. I had nothing to do with the resulting traffic.

If you were there, how was it from where you stood? In addition to the grassy knoll at In-N-Out, I saw a bunch of people perched above Imperial Highway on W. Imperial Avenue, which gave the advantage of being down toward the end of the runway where Air Force One was parked.

The rest of the photos from my vantage point on the runway can be found in this Flickr set.

7 thoughts on “Plane Spotting: Wrap-Up”

  1. Why write “clusterf*ck” when everybody knows you mean “clusterfuck”? Does that “*” really make any difference? It’s such a silly, pointless fad; people all over the Web do it without thinking about why they’re doing it. Look, if you’re shy about using foul language on this site, then try to use a term that’s more refined than clusterfuck. In this case, “traffic jam” would have worked nicely.

  2. An excellent point, mtk. I have no problem using the “f-word” in my day-to-day life; in fact, I swear like a fucking sailor. I don’t know what caused me to self-censor here. From now on, I shall endeavor to say fuck when I mean fuck.

  3. does anyone know why the flag images on the right side of the plane and helicopter are mirror images?

  4. @123 & Anchorage:
    Excellent question. The flags are reversed on the right side of the plane and helicopter, as they are also reversed on the right shoulder of military uniforms. This is because the union (stars) always lead. If it were an actual flag on a flagpole, that is the how you would see it as the soldier/vehicle moved forward.

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