Best. Fish Tacos. EVAR!

Taquero Extraordinaire, Ricky.

I’ve got to tell you, L.A., I’m almost hesitant to let you in on the (not so) secret I’m about to divulge. I’m about to tell you where to find the best fish tacos. Once I do, you will go and try them. When you try them, you will crave them all the time. And then there is a chance that I will have to wait behind many of you in the line to fish taco heaven.

Ricky’s Fish Tacos are without doubt the best fish tacos I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried more than a few. Tender fish (or shrimp,) battered and cooked to perfection, enveloped in a fresh tortilla and topped with finely chopped cabbage and fresh pico de gallo.

Once Ricky turns the plate over to you, you can finish your tacos with one of his three homemade salsas and crema. You’ll want something to drink as well, so try the Aguas Frescas (pineapple/mango or my favorite, watermelon.)

Ricky let me in on some of his secrets, but I won’t divulge them all. I will tell you that the centerpiece of his tacos are large pieces of fresh Vietnamese Catfish. Moist and flaky, light and mild flavored. Delicious!

Ricky began his growing empire on New Year’s Eve 2008. He started on the sidewalk on Sunset Boulevard with a modified rolling three drawer filing cabinet; propane tank in the bottom drawer, fryer on top. He didn’t sell a single taco that night.

Since then, as word has gotten around about his amazing tacos, Ricky’s business has grown steadily. Throughout 2009 he offered his taco genius on weekends on Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake. He has expanded his hours and is now in a larger location with a patio-like seating area, shaded tables, and all sorts of world music playing from the speakers. And of course, Ricky’s always smiling face, welcoming you from behind the fryer.

You’ll find Ricky at 1400 N. Virgil in Hollywood (about a block south of where Sunset & Hollywood Boulevards converge.) He is serving lunch Monday through Friday, 11:30am-3:30pm. Saturday & Sunday he’s there from 11:30am-6:00pm. Of course, you can always check his Twitter feed for the latest updates.

Tacos de pescado y aguas frescas. ¬°Delicioso!

4 thoughts on “Best. Fish Tacos. EVAR!”

  1. Whoa — these look remarkably similar to the fish tacos at Taco Beach, a restaurant in Long Beach. The restaurant closes at about 11 PM but then at midnight they bring out a cart that serves the tacos. They’re unbelievable. My lady-love and I have taken many late-night trips to LB just to eat tacos on the street.

    These look awesome, and this dude is walking distance from my place. I’m trying them ASAP. Thanks!

  2. by symantec, “fresh Vietnamese catfish” is an oxymoron. It has to be frozen, and imported. How fresh is that? Only US Customs and Border Protection knows. Then again, Asian Carp is invading Lake Michigan, and that’s only 2000 miles away.

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