Security guard at XXI chokes deaf shopper

This just got sent to me but it as apparently what happened at the Hollywood XXI store (6801 Hollywood Blvd, #1C-134 Los Angeles, CA 90028) earlier this week. There are some comments on YouTube with more information, but it sounds like two deaf shoppers were in XXI when security suspected them of shoplifting and grabbed them as they left the store, one guy didn’t comply with their verbal instructions (he’s deaf) so they tackled him and choked him on the street in front of the store, which is what you can see in this video. According to the comments, the 2nd guy (with the white shirt freaking out that his friend is being attacked) was able to produce receipts for everything. If anyone knows more about this let me know and I’ll post an update.


15 thoughts on “Security guard at XXI chokes deaf shopper”

  1. This is simply a power trip by this security guard. For $5.43 an hour, this is the quality guard you paid for. If that dude did pay for the items, I hope he presses criminal charges and sues the crap out that security company.

    1. Well, there’s no way for the guard to know that the shopper was deaf. What if he was shoplifting?

      1. A security guard is not a police officer. The man was illegals detained. They were also very, very clearly ignoring both men, who were trying as hard as they could to communicate that they were deaf. There were many clues that even I could see on this video that THEY ARE DEAF, yet the guards continued to ignore them, and literally choke the man until he was purple. That is clearly assault.

        Even if he was shoplifting, what we saw here is still illegal.

  2. This is shameful and thoroughly shocking. I sure hope the “security” guards lose their jobs, and the store gets properly sued. Scumbags.

  3. Unless the security guard saw him physically take the merchandise and walk out the store they cannot legally detain him for any reason even if it is just suspicion. That guard is never going to work for that security company again and XXI (whatever that may be) is going to get sued.

  4. they are brothers not friends i really do hope that they come out and sue XXI i dont know if you guys can tell but the one with the white shirt was showing them receipts for everything they bought

  5. I would like to know if any updates have come across? This is just disturbing on all levels to watch, I don’t care what the situation was, unless he had a loaded weapon there is absolutely NO reason to put that man in a choke hold!! Straight up illegal!

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