Has This Ever Happened To You? Call 311

Do they have Sigalerts for shopping carts?

Not yet, but if you get a shopping cart pile-up like we get from time to time on our corner, you can the LA Citywide Services Directory at  311 and they will give you the number of a shopping cart collection company. (800-252-4613, by the way…)

311 is an easy and fast way to get questions about general city services answered when you don’t know where else to turn. Or, quite frankly, when you just don’t want to dig out your last DWP bill to find the number to order a bulky item pick up.

If you want to get in touch with a local official or representative but don’t know how, call 311. If you want to report pot holes, call 311. If you need a non emergency police or fire number, call 311. If you’d like information on parks, call 311. Need to know when City meetings are being held? Call 311.

It’s a handy service — try it sometime!

One thought on “Has This Ever Happened To You? Call 311”

  1. I guess if I didn’t have a car, I would be more likely to take a shopping cart. But I’d at least have the courtesy of taking it BACK!!!! (and I now understand why more and more carts have those sensors, so they can’t be taken out of the lot)

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