L.A.’s Greatest Landmarks: The Rose Bowl

There is nary a soul in this country that hasn’t heard of the Rose Bowl. Its probably one of the biggest landmarks in suburban LA as  it garners everyone’s attention with the Rose Bowl college football game played on New Years Day. For those friends and relatives visiting me its always on their “must see” list for when I play tour guide.

The Rose Bowl is a source of numerous other uses besides the “big game”. Throughout its history it has served as a home for LA Olympic games in ’32 and ’84, 5 Super Bowl games and Fifa Soccer tournaments. In 1982 it became the official home for the UCLA Bruins, and you can’t get much more LA than them.

My favorite event at the Rose Bowl has nothing at all to do with sports. It has everything to do with the 2nd Sunday of the month Swap meet, billed as the biggest in all of So Cal. It surrounds the Rose Bowl and fills one if its parking lots with more stuff than you can imagine having use for. My house is full of new stuff and antiques collected from the Swap Meet over the years.

Pasadena is already in the planning stages for a remodel of the Rose Bowl. Short of it is the old gal designed in 1921 is going to be brought into the new century and then some by the time it is complete. It will continue to be one of the landmarks that draw folks to LA for years to come.  More information about the Rose Bowl now and the future can be found HERE on the official site. (Of course there is the unofficial Wikipedia stuff HERE).

The Rose Bowl is part of the LA’s Greatest Landmark’s series currently running at blogging.la.  If we missed one of your favorites let us know!

Image by Sparrowman and used under the Wikipedia commons license.

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